Top 3 Hidden features of Android smartphone

Hey now Starting his new series where we teach you about hidden smartphone features, how to do, gadget hack, and much more related to all about technologies. So, in this article, we see 4 hidden features of an Android smartphone that surprises you. So without further late, let get started.



Uninstalling app one by one is annoying me a lot I hope it also you. But, don’t worry, I teach you different ways to uninstall the app within 2sec bulk action, so what you can do open playstore then goes into my app and games option here you just go to install tab now you will see a storage option-click them. Where you see all the app which install on your smartphone… select those apps which you don’t want at the same time after that click on a green button so, all app uninstalled at the same time 

Play store < my apps and games < installed = uninstall the app you don’t want

Clear storage

Clean storage is an adamant task, one by one delete those files which you don’t want. But, now I teach you different methods of clear storage with phone browsers, it’s fast and straightforward. So, first, you go to chrome browser, then chrome setting.

here you go to site setting option storage now you see which website that has taken up more storage on your smartphone. Below this list, you see a clear button hit up. And boom it has done. It is comfortable and fast than a clear cache file of the app, one by one in-app setting.

Chrome < site setting < storage = clear cache file in bulk

Dark mode

This is one of my favorite features, so you need to go, developer option, where you see an option called override force dark, so turns it ON, and now every single app installs in your smartphone comes in dark mode. Even Whatsapp support, which does not support third-party app
In the developer option, you also see another feature show touches if you are tech YouTuber. This feature is beneficial for you…this feature helps you while smartphone screen recording your audience see where you touch.

Settting < developer < Override force dark

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