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In dead warfare mod apk game The human needs to live underground or inside relinquished structures. They are heading out the world over to discover supplies and survivors. There is a report from actuated radio said that a few researchers are living out there. A historical center of history is the place the group gets caught by numerous zombies at the first run through of the experience. MPS-16 needs to battle about night with hardly any quantities of provisions and weapons. There is a mystery has been found after that night which make the group unequivocally put stock in their objective.

About Dead warefare

It is 2072. The zombie end of the world has arrived, and it’s up to you and your group to discover the wellspring of the disease and set out to settle it – for the last time. You gathering – called MPS-16 – are the main ones remaining fit for closure this war. It’s a war that everybody is engaged with in any case.

  • Huge number of weapons which can bring you genuine encounters
  • Enjoy the sensible 3D characters and situations
  • You can pick your best colleagues and weapons for your strategy
  • There are number of character’s aptitude and firearm’s impact
  • Defend your base and battle with different rivals the world over



  • Realistic lighting and surface present expert marksman, zombies, weapons and FPS situations.
  • zombie shooting match-up with 3D characters has various looks and aptitudes for more endurance procedure.
  • Guns can be seen in 3D mode
  • Zombies and Bosses have various practices and capacities


In dead warfare mod apk, you can browse various classes to make an epic warrior who will battle and help switch things around of the war. Your character’s look and uncommon capacities will vary contingent upon the class you pick.


  • Numerous sorts of weapon can be seen in 3D viewpoint
  • Gun can be redone with different parts
  • Special impacts make the firearm the more grounded and increasingly compelling.
  • Gun can haphazardly discover in the game with a change to get most grounded weapon


The player can venture out through numerous spots to discover supplies and survivor There are a wide range of areas with new difficulties and zombies, Each spot contains a mystery which sitting tight for uncovering..just install the game and enjoy the dead warfare mod apk unlimited ammo and unlimited health



Download dead warfare mod apk boundless ammunition and max wellbeing presently to get in on the activity and obliterate the crowds of malice zombies that are compromising humankind. .just install the game and enjoy the dead warfare mod apk unlimited ammo and unlimited health

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