Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting mod apk- ATSS v0.4.6 | 2020


Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting mod apk is an activity pressed new game for another decade with part of missions like FPS Commando, Helicopter Gun Strike, Sniper Shooting and significantly more. Utilization of deliberate viciousness in the realm of games is going up step by step and need of hostile to psychological militant commandos is likewise expanding. In this new shooting match-up, you will be a piece of an enemy of psychological militant crew. You should face basic conflicts and strike adversaries in this extraordinary counter fear based oppressor FPS game

In advertise a ton of new web based shooting match-ups are coming this Christmas season yet the bursting pace activity going in hostile to fear mongering commando crucial, you won’t find in some other counter assault firearm firing versatile game.

This is the ideal opportunity to make a move in the front line. Call your best expert sharpshooter and quick shooter abilities and start battle on the bleeding edge. Fire from your firearm to execute psychological oppressors in special forces and get by in this addictive FPS commando terminating courageous.

About ATSS

Hop from the military helicopter and land in the field of fight with parachute like pabji and papaji game. Pick the best individual from crew and furnish yourself with most recent weapons like explosive, rifle, gun, gun, present day AK-47 firearm, and rocket launcher. At that point you need to begin your profession from part 1. There is a finished story of different missions in every section where now and again you need to play as a normal commando shooter, a quiet blade executioner, and here and there as a guerilla expert rifleman. You need to stop fear mongering by executing psychological oppressors individually in every one of their base camp.

The trouble level will increment as you proceed onward. Try not to step back, resist the urge to panic; push ahead and shoot every one of them to be a chivalrous commando warrior. Demonstrate that you are the best enemy of fear based oppressor crew shooting saint.


In advertise a great deal of new internet shooting match-ups are coming this Christmas season however the blasting pace activity going in hostile to fear based oppression commando crucial, you won’t find in some other counter assault weapon shooting portable game.

  • Amazing Realistic Graphics
  • Easy and Smooth Game Controls
  • Amazing Cut Scenes and Animations
  • Many Interesting Missions like expert rifleman, automatic weapon ,rocket launcher and so on.
  • Advanced Enemy AI
  • Amazing Sound Effects


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