TOP 5 Environment Study Question | Part 1 |

In which of the following lead found?

  1. Paint
  2. PVC Pipe
  3. Food material

which of the following is correct

  • A ) Only 1
  • B) only 1 and 2
  • C) Only 2 and 3
  • D) 1,2 And 3

Important For UPSC

Lead Poisoning

If High level of lead found in the human body then they cause Mental Retarding Comma, convulsion and death

If Low-level lead causes reduce IC level, decrease growth and hearing loss

Sources of Lead

  • chimney of factories
  • fertilizers
  • meatal plating
  • melting and smelling of ores

Central Pollution Control Board ( CPCB ) introduced 12 pollutants in 2009 which affect the human body that is SO2,NO2, PM2.5, PM10, OZONE (o3), NH3, AS, NI, C6H6,PB,CO, Pyro Benzen…..

According to Global Warming Potential, arranging the following in Ascending Order?

  1. Carbon Dioxide
  2. Methane
  3. Nitrous Oxide
  4. Chlorofluorocarbons
  • A) 2-3-1-4
  • B) 4-2-3-1
  • C) 1-2-3-4
  • D) 3-1-2-4

Important for UPSC

What is Global Warming Potential ( GWP )

GWP is a relative scale, Compares gas to same mass of Carbon Dioxide to other gasses.

GASGWP OR CO2 Equivalent
HFC’s140 to 11700

HFC gas is used in AC/Freeze where the cooling effect is required. Because of high GWP number, HFC is very harmful to the ozone layer that was according to 2016 – Kigali Agreement India and other countries reduced the use of HFC Gas around 85% in the year 2047

Which of the following is/are a source of Methane?

  1. Wetland
  2. Paddy fields
  3. Biomass combustion
  • A) Only 1
  • B) Only 1 and 2
  • C) Only 2 and 3
  • D) 1,2 and 3

Important for UPSC

Source of Methane

  • Termites
  • Welland
  • coal and oil mining
  • fermentation
  • rice cultivation
  • biomass burning
  • sewage treatment

Use of Methane

  • Fuel
  • CNG
  • Shell gas

Red list or red data list is issued by?

  1. International Union for Conservation of Nature
  2. World Economics Forums
  3. World Bank

Important for UPSC

What is IUCN

The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the global authority on the status of the natural world AND safeguard it. IUCN headquarters are in Gland Switzerland and established 1948 By name of IUPN later in 1958 it names change to IUCN….

IUCN get data from a company like SSC, Birdlife, ASLI, NatureServe etc then later IUCN published Read data from these data

With Reference to the North Polar light, considered following statement

  1. they are found near the equator
  2. these arise as the result of the collision of a charged particle from the sunlight to the earth
  • A) Only 1
  • B) Only 2
  • C) none of above
  • D) 1 and 2

Because North polar light are found near-polar not equator and the second statement is correct they arise due to sunlight

Important for UPSC

Colour of the Aurora

RED150 Miles above earth
GREEN100 Miles above earth
Purple60 Miles above earth
BlueLower than 60 Miles above Earth

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