What is IR | international relations for upsc | part 1

Importance of international relations for UPSC

International relations (IR) is an essential( important ) part of both UPSC Prelims and Mains around 4-5 direct question comes in Prelims from IR Section, and topic 9,17,18,19,20 of UPSC mains ( General studies- 2 ) comes from IR. previous years question ( international relations for upsc )

What is the Internation Relation ( IR )?

IR is a relation between two countries, or we can say the relationship across the Baounday of Nation-state. This relation might be for international political, Intercultural connection, international security, national social and more. Study Internation relation is essential to make understanding between two countries to achieved there Desired Goal. This system creates a good relationship between the two countries.

The word IR ( Internation relation ) comes than two important words comes in mind that is foreign policy and diplomacy. Now, what is Foreign Policy and Diplomacy?

What is IR, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy?

We already discuss international relation ( IR ) it was a relationship between two countries it might interfere with political, Intercurtarl, security and much more…

In simple word foreign policy is a government’s strategy in dealing with other nations countrey have their Foreign policy to dealing with other countries and foreign policy also define as strategies chosen by the country government to protect their national intersects and achieved its desired goal from Internation relation.o

Now, diplomacy ( kootaneeti ) is an activity or skill of managing Internation Relation or Foreign Policy, to achieve there Goal with protecting there national intersects

Stages of Development of Internation Relation ( History )

Stages of Development of IR was divided into three phases that are Diplomacy History or ( Historical Approach ) Stage – I, Current Events Approach, Normative or Idealist Approach

Diplomacy History or ( Historical Approach ) Stage – I,

Historical Approach stage started at before world war-I means before 1914, in this stage present phenomenon of international relations was explained with the help of what our relationship to that country, had happened in the past.

This stage was not successful because if it was successful, there is less or even No chance of World war-I. Historical Approach generally provided help to gaining knowledge not show present of future relation…this stage does not give an overall picture. 

Current Events Approach Stage – II

Due to failure of fist Historical Approach then the second Stage was contracted that is Current Events Approach this Stage is based on current relation to countries but, this Stage is also failed which causes world war- II. ( 1939-1945 )

Normative or Idealist Approach Stage – III

Normative or Idealist Approach this was the third and last stage, and this stage gets huge successive in field study Internation Relation, and that was cause No third world war a peaceful world. This stage started in 1945 to the present. 

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